Thursday, August 06, 2009

Glenn Beck Defends the AstroTurfers by claiming that All They Want is to Ensure that People, "Read the Bill."

Here, Beck visits O'Reilly to say that the AstroTurfers are:

"being labelled extremists, right wing zealots, AstroTurfers; do you hear what they are saying? They are saying read the bill. They are not saying; 'Hey absolutely no on everything you want. They are saying 'Read the Bill. Slow down.'"
This reveals the utter idiocy of Glenn Beck and the AstroTurfers. Read what bill? The bill hasn't even been written yet, which is what makes the AstroTurfers look so ridiculous as they demand that everyone does the impossible and read a bill which doesn't yet exist.

It's the proof that this is simply a stupid Republican talking point. They have obviously told people that asking if the Congressmen had read the bill was a way to make them look stupid. They blatantly forgot to point out that their idiotic supporters should wait until the bill was actually written before they popped that question.

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