Thursday, August 06, 2009

Dick Morris: Clinton Should Have Let Journalists Rot in North Korea.

Unbelievable. Dick Morris actually argues that it would have been better to leave the two journalists in North Korea than "reward them" with Clinton's visit.

Interviewer: How are we supposed to get the girls home, Dick?

Morris: Maybe they don't come home. Maybe they go to North Korea and they live with the consequences of their decision to go there. The point is you don't give a rogue state like North Korea the opportunity to rehabilitate it's image globally simply to get two reporters out of jail and give the former president, the current president and the secretary of state a photo op.
Oh, we all remember the language of the Bush administration so well. "We don't negotiate with terrorists". Morris is actually saying that, were the Bush administration still in power, these two journalists could go f@ck themselves.

This is how insane the Republican party have become during the Bush presidency. Morris feels comfortable saying this shit on air. He doesn't get that most people think getting these journalists home was a good thing. He's actually saying that it would have been preferable to let them rot.

The Republican party are now officially the party of the unhinged. If he thinks that stance is a vote winner then it's no great surprise that the Republicans find themselves in their present condition.

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