Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Worst Kind of Political Theatre.

What an asshole. McCotter is insisting that Congress should pass a resolution demanding that Obama apologise for his comments about the police officer involved in Gates-gate.

McCotter is insisting that we are witnessing "presidential over reach" and that he seeks to protect the individual from such abuse of power by the president's office.

As a member of the party which acquiesced in the treatment which the Bush regime handed out to Jose Padilla, McCotter is not in the best position to fight for the rights of the individual when faced with excessive presidential power.

For a substantial time, Padilla was denied all access to the outside world, including even access to a lawyer. In court, the Bush DOJ repeatedly argued that the President possesses the power to imprison even U.S. citizens indefinitely and with no charges simply by decreeing them to be an "enemy combatant," with no review of any kind and no opportunity to contest the validity of the accusations.
When Bush was president the rights of no American citizen were of concern to these assholes as long as he attached the word "terrorist" to their name. But we are suddenly asked to believe that these people are concerned about protecting private individuals from presidential over reach.

And they wonder why no-one associates themselves with their party anymore? They are beyond ridiculous.

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