Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kristol admits to Stewart that government run health care is THE BEST!

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Jon Stewart gets Bill Kristol to admit that government run health care is the best health care, even if it is slightly more expensive.

Once Kristol has said that he has nowhere else to go, other than to the ridiculous place he finds himself, arguing that the public don't deserve the same health care as the military.
Stewart: Why no health care, Why no health care reform for Americans because the military fighting for us, gave it up. Why do you hate America?

Stewart: Why not? Why shouldn't the government provide some sort of care to the 50 million that are uninsured?

Kristol: No, well the military has a different health system than the rest of Americans.

Stewart: It's a public system, no?

Kristol: Yea, they don't have an option they're all in the military.

Stewart: Why don't we go with that?

Kristol: (Stupid look comes across his face.) I don't know. Is military health care what you really...first of all it's really expensive, they deserve it, the military...

Stewart: But people in public do not?

Kristol: No, the American public do not deserve the same...

Stewart: Are you saying Americans shouldn't have access to the same plan health care that we give the soldiers?

Kristol: Yes, to our soldiers? Absolutely.

Stewart: Really?

Kristol: I think the one thing if you become a soldier...

Stewart: So you just said, Bill Kristol just said that the government can run a first class health care system.

Kristol: Sure it can.

Stewart: A government run health care system is better than the private health care system. You just said that...

Kristol: I don't know if it's better.

Stewart: No, you just said it was better.

Kristol: I didn't say it was better all around.

Stewart: No, you said it was better. You said it's the best, it's a little more expensive, but it's better. I just want to write this down. The government runs the best health care...

Stewart: I understand that so what you are suggesting is that the government could run the best health care system for Americans, but it's a little too costly so we should have the shitty insurance companies health care.

Kristol: I'm suggesting our soldiers deserve better health care...

Stewart: They deserve the best. They have the best government run health care money can buy.
So, it is possible for the government to provide "the best" health care available, Kristol simply doesn't think that the American people deserve it. That's an astonishing admission.

The level of health care you deserve, as far as Kristol is concerned, is based on what you can afford either financially or due to your level of service. He's not denying that different levels of healthcare exist in the US, he's actually celebrating and defending such a notion based on what he perceives as your entitlement.

Hat tip to Crooks and Liars.

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