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Palin: 'Politically speaking, if I die, I die.'

She may have resigned, but that hasn't stopped Sarah Palin from popping up on TV, even if her appearances continue to be baffling because none of us know what it is that she actually wants.

But she herself has admitted that she might very well have ended her political career with her bizarre decision to resign as Governor of Alaska.

"You know, politically speaking, if I die, I die. So be it,'" she told American television when pressed about the wisdom of her resignation on Friday which has baffled and divided her own party.
The most puzzling aspect of all of this is why she is still doing interviews in the first place.

The point of the interviews wasn't clear other than to keep Palin in the news alongside Michael Jackson. But they were evidently staged to look as if the camera crews had stumbled on the Alaska governor hard at work as a fisherwoman in a remote village 30 miles north of the Arctic Circle. ABC news even took her out in her husband's boat and noted the fish guts on her overalls.

Palin did, however, make clear that she's still in the political game. "I don't need a title to be the one to usher in what it is that needs to be done in our state and our country," she told ABC news.

What that is remains a mystery other than vague assertions that she intends to focus on "energy independence, national security, small smarter government".

CNN pressed her on whether she is planning a run for president as has been widely assumed. "Don't know what the future holds. I'm not going to shut any doors. Who knows what door's open. Can't predict what the next fish run's going to look like... so I certainly can't predict what's going to happen in a couple of years," said Palin.

Asked why she quit, the Alaska governor fell back on her earlier explanation that she has resigned because her opponents unleashed a "political blood sport" of a barrage of ethics investigations that are costing the state millions of dollars. She also accused her opponents of trying to bankrupt her.

Her resignation continues to make no sense, especially as she continues to claim that she has given her reasons, but none of us can actually put our fingers on what those reasons actually are.

If she's doing it to get away from the investigations into complaints against her, it makes no sense. Investigations would continue whether she was in or out of office.
Palin dismissed the general scepticism and confusion over her motives for resigning. "You know why they are confused? I guess they can't take something nowadays at face value," she told ABC news.
It's not that people can't take things "at face value", it's that she is being so deliberately vague that no-one can work out why she actually stood down.

Even Republicans are now turning on her:

The move has even perplexed and divided Republicans, drawing stinging criticism from some big names such as George Bush's political mastermind, Karl Rove, and Ed Rollins, who ran Ronald Reagan's election campaign, and who described Palin as crashing and burning.

Even the highly partisan Fox News, which championed Sarah Palin at John McCain's expense during the presidential election, is turning on Palin with one contributor caller her inarticulate and undereducated with "no credentials for any job".

Had she stepped down and announced that she was preparing to run for higher office then this move would be dodgy, but it would make some kind of sense.

The problem with her rambling incoherent resignation speech was that she blamed everybody and nobody. She promised everything and nothing.

So, I will take what Palin has done "at face value". She got in way over her head and can't take the heat in the kitchen. So now she is running away as fast as she can. Except, she's not. She's still on TV and she's still talking. No wonder people find this ignoramus confusing. I honestly feel that even she doesn't know what she actually wants. Other than to be the focus of some kind of attention.


Here she states - having been "tracked down" - that she is not a quitter, and that's why she quit. Confused? You will be.

Here, another TV unit manage to "track her down":

It's notable that she claims she didn't want to be one of those politicians who pretend that they don't know if they want to run again for Governor when, in their hearts, they know the answer; and yet - when asked if she wants to be president - she gives the utterly predictable response of "not knowing what the future holds."


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