Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lyndsey Graham defends the oppressed Caucasian male.

Lyndsey Graham finally gets to ask Sotomayer about that "wise Latina" comment. However, I note that he backs off from claiming that he detects racism in that quote and now only asks that Sotomayer consider the reaction were he to have made a similar comment.

He's once again portraying the Caucasian male as the underdog. As a victim who is being unfairly held to a higher standard than everyone else. He sees a world in which everything is slanted towards "minorities" and the most powerful groups, all of which he belongs to - white, male, Christian, heterosexual - are actually the underdogs who are being picked upon.

At the heart of his comments are a belief that political correctness has gone mad and that everything now favours the minorities. It's a familiar right wing rant which enables people born into life's most advantageous groups to portray themselves as, somehow, the victims of the piece.


Steel Phoenix said...

The white, male, Christian, heterosexua firefighters that Sotomayor ruled against weren't part of 'life's most advantageous groups'; the Supreme Court knew it and they overruled her.

Kel said...

If they were "white, male, Christian and heterosexual" then they were part of the most advantaged groups in society. Unless you are going to argue that black, female, Muslim lesbians have an easier time in life?

Which do you think is more likely to suffer discrimination, the former or the latter?