Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Conservative Commenters Attack Malia Obama.

Kristinn Taylor of questions MSNBC's description of comments left on a caption contest on that site concerning 11 year old Malia Obama as "racist, vile, demeaning and sexist".

Taylor claims that MSNBC are exaggerating the offensiveness of the comments made.

Judge for yourself whether or not these comments are as bad as MSNBC claim:

"A typical street whore." "A bunch of ghetto thugs." "Ghetto street trash." "Wonder when she will get her first abortion." "Could you imagine what world leaders must be thinking seeing this kind of street trash and that we paid for this kind of street ghetto trash to go over there?"
Now, I actually accept Taylor's argument that Free Republic are not responsible for the comments people make on their website, although I wish someone would pass this fact on to Bill O'Reilly when it comes to comments left on the Daily Kos; however, to say that MSNBC are exaggerating how bad the comments were is disingenuous. Bearing in mind that these commenters are discussing an eleven year old child - and calling her a "whore" - makes this simply indefensible.

Taylor attempts to distance himself from the comments whilst simultaneously claiming that they are not that bad.

It's a tightrope walk which he fails to pull off, landing flat on his face here.

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