Thursday, July 23, 2009

Andy Worthington discusses the closure of Guantánamo on Al-Jazeera.

Andy Worthington is a good friend of The Osterley Times.

Here, he debates the closing of Guantanamo Bay with Nile Gardiner from the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom. The organisation's name is all you need to hear to know that he is going to spout insane right wing talking points. He does not disappoint. Indeed, he's even crazier than the Thatcher title leads you to believe.

Andy does a very good job of cutting through his crap. And it is crap. I mean, Gardiner actually states that allegations that prisoners at Guantanamo Bay had been mistreated are "complete nonsense", going as far as to call Guantanamo "an impeccably run prison facility". I mean what planet would you have to live on to come out with that kind of nonsense on live TV? I love Cori Crider's reaction to this pile of tripe. She simply takes a laughing fit.


Anonymous said...

Gardiner is wrong often and a propagandist. Look at his past articles, "Obama is bringing the world to an end" and “Bush winning war on terror."

He recently said Obama hangs out with dictators. This is beyond odd, considering that Gardiner is a second generation follower of Sun Myung Moon's, a member of the Unification Church. That's the same Moon who funded the cocaine coup in Bolivia and when Carter cut funding for Operation Condor, it was Moon and the UC who stepped in to fill the void and supported torturing dictators like Stroessner. Martin Almada reported Moon's involvement when the "Archives of Terror" were discovered in Paraguay.

Gardiner said that France and other countries against the Iraq war would fall in line and support it. He cut his teeth talking down the UN, over and over. No doubt the UN could use some changes but Gardiner as the rabid lead dog in that fight is full of conflicts of interest if you know Moon’s "ideology/theology."

Moon's stated goal is to “annihilate the UN with (their) power” then “make a new UN.” The plan is to get the UN to become more theocratic, using religious leaders who are on board with Moon’s “vision.” Gardiner is a propagandist, and as follower of Moon's, he was raised in it.

This should take you to page 139 of a book that exposed Gardiner as a Moon follower.

His shilling for Bush is understandable since Bush 41 and his son Neil both travel the world in support of Moon's "messianic" mission.

This, btw, has nothing to do with freedom of religion. Pointing out that someone is a follower of Moon’s when they are involved in politics is no different than pointing out someone is a Republican, Democrat, a John Bircher or a followers of Lyndon LaRouche. Moon’s is political movement, first and foremost.

Kel said...

The very fact that Gardiner was speaking representing the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom told me all I needed to know about his political views. And the comments he made about Guantanamo Bay were proof that he is simply an ideological nutcase.