Tuesday, June 02, 2009

FOX News Haters Are Blaming Us!

I knew that Fox News would instantly go on the defensive over the murder of George Tiller.

As I said yesterday:

And I know we will now hear from the right that this was done by one unhinged individual and that everyone has to take responsibility for their own actions. But that's sort of my point.

People also have to take responsibility for creating the feeling that the democratic process has resulted in America being taken from it's people and from this constant encouragement that the people need to "do something". Much as I find it gross to watch Glenn Beck constantly weep for what he imagines has been done to US, there are people out there who take that shit seriously.
O'Reilly and others have been urging that US citizen's need to "do something" ever since Barack Obama was elected. Glenn Beck weeps on air that he just wants his country back and fantasises about militias forming so that the people can bring down this fascism/socialism/national socialism or whatever other term Beck chooses on any particular day. It's clear that he is pig ignorant on what each of these political philosophies entails as the seems to regard them all as interchangeable. The only unifying theme he espouses is that Obama's government must go. And, if the people have to rise up in violence to bring this about, one has the distinct feeling that Beck would feel his work was done here.

It's typical of the kind of lunacy which infects Fox News. I don't even think they mean the crap they say but they have worked out that enraging people is good for ensuring viewing figures, so they enrage people daily with no thought to the consequence.

Here Billo invites two guests on to the show to exonerate him from any consequence of the hatred that he preaches.

However, listening to O'Reilly list the amount of abortions Tiller has performed and the amount of money he has earned, it's impossible to believe that he is expressing any genuine sorrow about what has happened here.


Here is how O'Reilly used to talk about Tiller before he was murdered.

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