Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Cheney Needs To Realize The War Is Over And He Lost! Sen Bob Graham

I watched earlier as the Liz and Dick show came to it's inevitable conclusion, with a joint appearance on Fox.

My favourite moment is when Cheney states, talking about the Obama administration, that "the new administration have fallen a little short" on the subject of transparency.

Liz pipes in. "Hypocrisy is something the American people can smell."

I'm sure they can, Liz. Indeed, I'm sure they realise the irony in the most secretive Vice President in history calling out Obama on the subject of transparency.

In this video Rachel Maddow looks at another recent Cheney speech in which he has suddenly admitted that there was no link between Iran and al Qaeda. He also attempts to shove Tenet under the bus by blaming him for the information on which the Iraq war was based. Cheney, naturally, wishes us to ignore his many visits to the CIA and the fact that he was personally applying pressure for the CIA to find evidence which would justify a war which Cheney and others were determined to wage.

Tenet did not make the decision to go to war, that was made by Bush with Cheney's encouragement.

It's pathetic to watch Cheney attempt to place the blame on Tenet's shoulders.

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