Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Former GITMO Detainee Speaks Out! YES! I WAS TORTURED!

The Supreme Court of Bosnia ordered that Lakhdar Boumediene, who had been arrested at the request of the Americans, should be released as there was no evidence against him.

Despite this fact, the Bush regime transported him to Guantanamo Bay where they held him - and tortured him - for seven years.

On 20 November 2008 US District Court Judge Richard Leon ruled that the USA had no credible evidence to justify the detention of Boumediene and ordered his release.

This was one of the men that Rumsfeld described as "the worst of the worst". And yet they held him for seven years with no credible evidence that he had ever done anything wrong. That's simply despicable.

It is said that he is planning to sue. I hope he does. They tried for a long time to deny him his day in court, he should not deny them theirs. It is richly deserved.

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