Friday, May 15, 2009

What Was The Motivation To Torture?

Former CIA agent, Jack Rice, sums up exactly how I feel regarding Cheney's wish to have people tortured in order that they give false information which would justify the Iraq war.

This was never about accurate information. This was about justification. It's outrageous on it's face. Let's look at the torture question - big picture - but then let's look at the justification behind it. I'm trying to understand how anybody would turn around and support this now. It's completely dumbfounding to me.
Dick Cheney wanted Muhammed Khudayr al-Dulaymi waterboarded in case he could give the Bush administration a link between al Qaeda and Iraq. It's hard not to conclude that this was requested in order to give the warmongers the false evidence which they sought.

That's what makes people defending this practice so unfathomable to me. It wasn't even proposed under their fabled "ticking bomb" scenario, it was proposed in order to extract false information to justify a war which should never have been waged.

If people don't get prosecuted for that in the US then Obama is having a laugh when he describes the US as "a nation of laws." Torture in order to gain information is despicable enough, but torture in order to gain disinformation is simply beyond the pale of human decency.


People are now calling for prosecutions if this turns out to be true. This is no longer about whether torture works as this now moves the act of torture away from the premise of protecting the country and towards the blatantly political.

This is torture to promote policy.

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