Friday, May 08, 2009

Republican Threatens Attorney General: Investigate Bush & We'll Investigate You!

As Cheney fights to protect the lawyers who sanctioned torture, and as some Republicans threaten that they will seek the prosecution of Democrats who seek to prosecute Republican war criminals, Brandon Friedman points out that Cheney's wish to protect "the little guy" seems restricted in practice to "little guys" who lead to him.

He was quite happy to watch Lynndie England and Charles Graner take the rap, but as soon as the path appears to be leading to his own door, Cheney develops a love of "the little guy" which he has previously lacked.

How long are Obama and Holder going to allow this to go on? When will they ignore this Republican crap and follow the advice of Colin Powell and appoint a special prosecutor?


Anonymous said...

Is this a class war or what? I am so PISSED OFF! Why does it appear that if you are a lawyer, judge, vp, and high in the COC that you are immune to the rule of law? The US is NOT a the nation of "all men are created equal" we are now morping into "some pigs are more equal than others"....Thomas Jefferson would roll over in his is SICKENING!


Kel said...

Yes, at the moment the US jails a larger percentage of it's citizens than any other nation on Earth, but if you try to make politicians follow the same laws which they insist everyone else obeys, then you are playing politics.

The political class - that'll be the very people who make the laws - consider themselves utterly immune from those laws.

That's why Lynndie England goes to jail and Dick Cheney goes to Fox News to explain why she should be in jail and why any suggestion that he should be is just the Democrats politicising the system.

And yeah, it sucks. Big time.