Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where are Beck's protests over corporate tax avoidance?

Olbermann is, literally, on the money. Why aren't the tea baggers concerned about the billions of tax dollars which corporations are hiding away in tax havens? This is money which has to be compensated for by ordinary Americans because these corporations have these loopholes.

It comes to about a hundred billion dollars a year in corporate tax avoidance.

Where's Captain Teabag himself, Glenn Beck? Why don't you take credit for this idea from somebody else? Get up there and weep about US corporations making us - all of us - rich and poor - pay a hundred billion dollars of their taxes so we get the privilege of getting to buy their products and bailout their failures. Get up there and do that and I'll march with you.

Until then, you are just a bunch of greedy, water carrying corporate slave hypocrites defending the rich against the poor.
And that really is what these silly tea bagging protests are about. People are being conned into believing that they are being unfairly taxed when, in fact, 95% of Americans are having their taxation reduced.

But Fox News are conning people into marching to defend the rich's right to make the poor pay a share of their taxes.

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