Thursday, April 16, 2009

Marc Lamont: What President Obama Is Doing Is Shameful!

I loathe when O'Reilly effects puzzlement. It's usually his stance when he is on the very weakest of moral grounds.

Here he effects it to ask why anyone would want to know if the CIA had committed war crimes on the grounds of, "you are still alive and I am still alive." You see, you'd be dead if the CIA had not committed war crimes!

And it's fascinating to watch O'Reilly attempt to make international law a matter of opinion. Oh, how Fox must wish they could portray everything as simply a matter of opinion.


This subject is approached much more intelligently by David Corn in discussion with Chris Matthews when he reminds us that the US signed these agreements regarding what she would consider illegal behaviour, "voluntarily".

It was President Reagan who signed this treaty, something which Republicans always conveniently forget when they are effecting outrage over this.

It's simply astonishing to hear Frank Gaffney argue that the US should not be bound by treaties which it has signed up to, if Gaffney and others now regard these as "bad treaties". If any treaty under international law can be disregarded in this way, then international law would simply cease to exist, which is the real point Gaffney is making. He is arguing that other country's should be bound by international law and that the US should not.

Frank Gaffney is the perfect example of everything which was wrong with the Bush adminisatration's thinking.

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