Friday, April 10, 2009

Republicans Lie & Lie & Lie!

Rachel has great fun here pointing out the numerous times Republicans have been caught flat out lying recently, but I think this rather misses the point.

The Republicans no longer care whether or not they are telling the truth, they are preaching to the nutbags who shouted the word "terrorist" every time they heard Obama's name during the last election campaign. The truth matters little to the Glenn Beck/Michelle Bachmann crowd, they only know that there is no longer a Republican administration in the White House which means, to them, that it is time for insurrection.

Both Beck and Bachmann have been painting apocalyptic scenarios in which the government is overtaken by fascism/socialism, and both have been pushing this narrative as if it is true. And, whilst both are laughable individuals, there is undeniably a section of the US populace who take these nutters seriously.

It happened when Clinton came to power and it's happening again. Right wing nutcases are being granted airtime to spout their outrageous claims. With Clinton it was Whitewater and ludicrous suspicions that the president had taken part in murder, with Obama it is creeping socialism/fascism, it matters not which of these utterly opposite political ideologies he is supposed to be pushing, it matters only that Americans know that he is bad and dangerous and fundamentally un-American.

Viewed from across the ocean it is blatant that these people are ridiculous buffoons, but then I live in a country where such blatant nutcases would not be given access to the nation's airwaves.

The very fact that Fox News have given Glenn Beck a programme lends him, in some people's eyes, a certain validity. That's dangerous.

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