Friday, April 10, 2009

Hardball: Christopher Hitchens vs Ken Blackwelll on the US Being a Christian Nation.

Blackwell couldn't be more patronizing as he promises to defend Hitchens' "constitutional right to be theologically wrong", and he seems utterly unaware that he's losing the argument.

And Hitchens is right to remind him that he does not require his patronising permission to hold contrary views.

But it is Hitchens' main point which I find so interesting. Right wingers used to get away with saying that their enemy were "godless Communists", implying that it was their lack of faith which enabled their "wickedness", whereas now their enemy are anything but "godless".

People like Blackwell are never going to admit that religion actually causes much of the world's conflict, but it's clear to many of us that religion is a big part of the problem here.


Steel Phoenix said...

The decline of religion will bring with it a decline in war.

Kel said...

I couldn't agree more, SP. The less religious we are, the less wars we will have.

And religion is supposed to promote peace? Ironic isn't it?