Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Most Shameful & Pathetic Performance By An American Leader In My Lifetime!

The right wing reaction to Chavez and Obama shaking hands is something to behold. Nothing could demonstrate their utter lack of seriousness better than the insane way they have jumped all over this.

I mean it's not as if Republicans ever shake hands with the other side is it?

This is why I find it simply impossible to take these people seriously. They indulge in politics at the most superficial level imaginable and pretend that they are somehow engaged in weighty matters of state. It's beyond pathetic.

Laurence O'Donnell sums it up best when he describes it as, "childish and ridiculous".


Trust Ralph Peters to take things to a new low, but even by his standards, this is exceptional.

We saw a hand shake, but that's not what Ralph discerned from this meeting. Ralph was appalled by “all” of the “embracing and fist-bumping and making lovey-dovey in the hotel, god knows what went on behind closed doors!"

Is he seriously suggesting that there was some kind of sexual encounter between Obama and Chavez that we will never hear about?

What's stunning about this is that Ralph, not only shows us the narrow minded right wing insistence that talking to democratically elected leaders is "undermining democracy", but, as always with Republicans, he shows us that he sees gay sex everywhere.

As I say, it's a stunning contribution even by Mad Ralph's standards.


Steel Phoenix said...

No, Pat was quite serious. You would have to understand the man. He is a nationalist and puts a great deal of weight on appearances (He was a presidential speechwriter after all).

I think he overreacted, as he often does, but he held his own against two liberals in their own house, and he knows his history better than those two put together. I'm betting Pat didn't much approve of those decisions under Nixon.

Peters on the other hand is obviously an ass. You wouldn't catch pat engaging in such personal attacks on an American president.

Kel said...

I know what you are saying about Buchanan, SP, I think he is sincere if wrong when it comes to his reaction to this.

And, yes, Peters is an utter ass. Buchanan at least argues from a position which one can recognise, even if one disagrees with it. Peters is simply enraged that Obama is president and hitting out in any way which he can.