Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Did Bush Keep America Safe?

So, Obama goes to the CIA, where we have been told that agents are worried that his recent actions have made them vulnerable to prosecution, and yet he gets a reaction which is described as, "boisterous and raucous".

It's hard to square that reaction to the stories which we have been hearing about the CIA reaction to his decision to release these memos.

And I note that the female Bush defender here -the person who thinks Bush kept the US "safe for nine years"? - is quick to, once again, state that Obama is endangering Americans by refusing to torture. I swear to God it's almost as if these buggers want to see the US attacked again so they can lay the blame at his door.

And the fact that they can peddle the notion that "Bush kept the US safe" when, in actuality, he was president during the greatest terrorist attack on US soil in history, shows the extent to which these buggers will twist facts.


Steel Phoenix said...

Well, Bush clearly saved us from Martian invasion as well. The robots didn't take over the planet, the Chinese didn't take our manufact....errr

Kel said...

That's the point about this which makes me howl, SP. He's the first president I know who chooses to define his success by listing things which didn't happen.

Steel Phoenix said...

It may just be a part of this generation. For a good twenty years now, I've noticed food labeling more often advertises what it doesn't contain than what it does. I call it 'non-food'. People have let fear rule their lives. Everything from fear of getting fat to fear of foreigners. We deal with this fear through avoidance, which only leads to dread of the next encounter.

Kel said...

We do appear to live in a risk averse world, SP.