Monday, April 27, 2009

Morning Joe Scarborough: "Rational fear" justifies torture.

This is why the Bush regime should be prosecuted. People like Scarborough and Buchanan are still arguing that Obama will be responsible if the US is attacked again because Obama was too pussy to torture.

Scarborough is actually seeking to make "morality" a form of weakness. He thinks the entire concept of "morality" falls apart when one considers what he terms, "rational fear".

"There is irrational fear and then rational fear. If you live in a neighborhood where people's homes get broken into and people get shot and killed at night and their items get stolen, and you're fearful that may happen to you, that's not irrational. That is fear and you will support a stronger police presence in your home. If this country got attacked the way it did on September 11th, 2001, it is not irrational for Americans to fear it might happen again when you have al Qaeda wanting to do nothing but kill all of us, destroy our cities."
Missing from the argument of these torture apologists is the entire notion of international law. The US insists on all kinds of international law to protect it's own intellectual property rights and fishing rights and God knows what else.

But, when it suits people like Scarborough, the entire notion of international law is deemed unworthy of consideration.

Prosecutions are necessary to remind certain right wing commentators that the US can't simply do as she pleases. We either have a world of international law or we don't.

The US can't simply insist that international law is ONLY applied when it suits THEIR interests.

Why would the rest of us go along with that?

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