Monday, April 27, 2009

In GOP base, a 'rebellion brewing'.

I always said that the Republican base would push itself even further to the right once they lost the election:

"There is a sense of rebellion brewing," said Katon Dawson, the outgoing South Carolina Republican Party chairman, who cited unexpectedly high attendance at anti-tax “tea parties” last week.

That same sense is detectable in New Hampshire, where Union Leader publisher Joseph McQuaid – a stalwart of the base –
warned in a column last weekend that the push for same-sex marriage in the state legislature was really about “forcing society to embrace and give positive reinforcement to their lifestyle and agenda in our schools and in every other area of public life imaginable.”

Asked about how a presidential candidate urging the party toward the middle on cultural issues would fare, Scheffler said flatly: “They’re not gonna go anywhere.”

Rick Wilson, a consultant to the group, explained the outlook of “real Republicans” when it comes to Obama.

“They think this guy has grabbed the reins of power and that he is racing as fast as he can first off to reshape the economy and the culture in his image – they are mortified at that and they are terrified of it.”

“There is a fever pitch,” he said, dismissing the notion that the party must sacrifice some of the intensely held views of base voters to expand its coalition to include more young and minority voters. “You don’t get a new coalition by abandoning your old coalition.”
It's not only the speed at which the extreme right wingers are seeking to grab the reins of power, it's the people that they are turning against.
In Arizona, Chris Simcox, the founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Project, a group that mounted armed opposition to illegal immigration at the border, announced this week that he’s running against McCain.

“We’ve had it with the elitist establishment in Washington and John McCain is one of those,” Simcox said.
I mean, wow.... wasn't he their presidential candidate less than a 100 days ago running to overturn, "the elitist establishment in Washington"? And now they tell us that he is actually part of that elitist Washington establishment?

These guys toss their credibility out like confetti at a wedding.

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