Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hannity suggests Christianity compatible with torture.

Hannity no longer appears to have any guests on his panels with an opinion which is contrary to his own, certainly not if this panel is indicative of the norm.

Indeed, the only point of friction here is when John McCain's daughter questions Hannity's support for torture, which he supports speaking as "a Christian".

Other than this trifling detail, the entire panel agree that it would be "insane" not to simply put suspected terrorists into jail and to throw away the key. And they make this argument as if they are defending the finest principles of the republic. The notion that it is dangerous to hand a Supreme Leader the power to detain the citizenry without trial by a group of his or her peers simply never occurs to them.

Indeed, the entire premise of habeas corpus is spoken of here as if it is an "insane" proposition.



PFL0W said...


For once, Sean Hannity is right!

I guess if you wait long enough, it's bound to happen.

If anyone knows any human history, they would know that Christianity has meant almost nothing but torture to people for centuries! Millions of people have been tortured and/or killed for, let me repeat, centuries, all under the direction and auspices of Christianity--and separately, the Catholic Church.

Deal with it, people.

It's the facts.

PFL0W said...

as for doing away with Miranda rights and Habeus Corpus, etc., man, what a bunch of right-wing fascists. That's quite a panel.

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nunya said...

I yanked quote from "Killing Hope" here that you might find interesting. My city has some ugly secrets.

Kel said...


Yes, they are an astonishingly varied panel aren't they? So many different opinions! :-)


Thanks for the quote.