Friday, January 16, 2009

Outrage as Israel bombs UN using "White Phosphorus".

Israel have, yet again, hit another UN compound and the reports are claiming that the building was hit by banned white phosphorus, the very weapon which Israel has denied using in Gaza.

And, so soon after Israel attacked a school claiming that rocket fire was coming from it, only to have to later retract that claim, the Israelis are using that defence one more time:

The Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, apologised for the shelling but claimed Hamas fighters had opened fire from the centre. "It is absolutely true that we were attacked from that place, but the consequences are very sad and we apologise for it," he said. "I don't think it should have happened and I'm very sorry."
And once again the people who have been bombed are utterly dismissive of Israel's claims.
John Ging, the director of operations for the UN relief agency, UNRWA, in Gaza described the Israeli claim about a Hamas presence as "nonsense". He added: "It's a total disaster for us." Mr Ging said the UN had warned the Israelis the compound was in danger from shelling that had begun overnight, and provided them with GPS co-ordinates to prevent an attack.
The outrage over this latest attack has led to renewed calls for a ceasefire as, once again, people were actually sheltering within the building when it was attacked:
Israeli shelling set fire to the UN headquarters, a hospital, a school and a building used by the media, leading to widespread international protests and renewed calls for a ceasefire in the conflict which has so far cost 1,073 Palestinian and 13 Israeli lives. A senior Hamas leader, the Interior Minister Said Seyyam who was responsible for thousands of security agents, was killed in an Israeli raid which flattened his brother's home.

Three members of UN staff were injured when three Israeli shells hit the headquarters, setting it on fire. Thousands of tonnes of desperately needed food and humanitarian supplies were destroyed and about 700 refugees given shelter in the building had to be evacuated. UN officials said the shells were white phosphorus, believed to have been responsible for burns suffered by some Palestinian civilians.

Incidents like this highlight how ludicrous it is for Israel to make the claim that she takes especial care to avoid civilian casualties. First, they hit a school where refugees are sheltering, then they hit a UN compound where, again, it is known that refugees are sheltering. When one adds to that the fact that around 30% of all persons killed so far are children and it is simply impossible to take Israel's claim seriously.

Just as we might soon find out if Israel are telling the truth when they say that they do not use white phosphorus. And, if they did, it will be undeniable that she has committed war crimes.

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Anonymous said...

Israel Bombed the Wrong UN Building--We've got one in New York they can whack hard.

Kel said...

Thank you. You have said what many of Israel's supporters secretly believe.

I have already written about how some supporters are openly supporting the killing of civilians, and now you pop up asking that the UN be attacked in New York.

I presume that the illegality of what you are proposing is utterly lost on you, and that you simply abhor the fact that anyone, anywhere, is criticising Israel.