Friday, January 16, 2009

CNN's Rick Sanchez vs. "Joe the Plumber".

So, Joe the bloody plumber hops off to Israel to cover the latest conflict and decides that journalists shouldn't be allowed to be anywhere near war zones as they are "asinine". He also thinks that reporters should be abolished from, you know, reporting, war is Hell".

Rick Sanchez takes him to task.


Todd Dugdale said...

When McCain launched his "war against the media" he doomed his campaign, and the Republicans are continuing this "war" apace. We continue to hear shrill condemnations of the media for failing to unquestioningly parrot every new GOP talking point, such as the one about the 'socialist' Obama Administration.

And the media is starting to fight back, at last.

The American media is actually very compliant to pressure, if applied correctly and discreetly. One does not, for example, demand that Palin be shown "deference". This makes the media seem like they take orders from the GOP. They don't mind taking orders from the GOP, but they cannot bear it being obvious that they are doing so.

And finally, let's not forget that the Right has devoted the past decade convincing its flock that the media cannot be trusted - only FNC, et al can be trusted. So by standing up to the Right, the media only "loses" people they have already lost - and people which no longer have any power, either.

Kel said...

You are right Todd. The Republicans have totally lost the plot, especially when it comes to media manipulation, which used to be their thing.

The notion that Joe the plumber represented the American worker was simply further proof of how little these buggers understand blue collar workers.

They stumble across a working class person who shares their values and - in their utter incoherence - imagine that the entire working class somehow feel as Joe does.

Or can, at least, be persuaded that they should because of the opinion of someone like Joe; a person who anyone with half a brain recognises instantly as a plonker.