Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rove, O'Reilly Blame Media For Hyping Bad Economy.

According to O'Reilly and Rove it's all the fault of the "Liberal" media who are saying we are approaching a recession as a way to talk Bush down and build Obama up. But wasn't it Bush's White House who requested a $700 billion bailout? Why did they ask for that if things really aren't so bad?

But the biggest laugh of all is to listen to Bill O'Reilly saying that all he wants is "an honest press".


Ingrid said...

Kel, seriously, get off the Fox hunt buddy. it looks like crack to you!
There's nothing worth noting and like Rove, Oreilly, Coulter, Malkin etc..I just ignore the truly ignorants as they're not even ignorant really, they truly have an agenda of riling people up..they have their own audience and 'we' are not one of them..unless you want to start taking blood pressure meds! [s]


Kel said...

I just adored the fact that O'Reilly wants "an honest press".

Hysterical. They have no sense of irony.