Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bush Regrets Nothing.

The moronic ideologue who has brought the Republican party to it's knees is unrepentant.

George Bush, on his never ending farewell tour, is talking to National Review Online and remains as bizarrely convinced that he was right as he always has.

Bush strongly defended his decision to go to war in Iraq; argued that the U.S. has better relations with many foreign nations than ever before; said he is certain that Harriet Miers would have been a great Supreme Court justice; defended his failed effort to reform Social Security; and, finally, expressed concern over Barack Obama’s reported intention to undo Bush policies on, among other things, stem-cell research and missile defense.
He notes that the US has "better relations with many foreign nations than ever before". That's a neat way of talking about relations with other governments rather than talking about what other populations have thought of his administration. The truth is that Bush has seen an outburst of anti-American sentiment throughout the word which has been unprecedented.

And, when it comes to stem cell research, the truth is that the US is falling behind other nations in science because Bush's religious beliefs have been allowed to stand in the way of scientific research.

He justifies this by claiming that he believes "all life is precious", which must strike the surviving family members of innocent Iraqis killed as highly ironic. Bush appears to think all life is precious as long as one is in the womb, once a person leaves the womb Mr Bush's respect for that notion appears to drop rather sharply.

And Bush is also overselling his success in the Middle East:
Three, I articulated a two-state solution, at the same time vowing to defend Israel and keeping strong relations with Saudi Arabia and Jordan and Egypt and the UAE.”
Whilst it's true that Bush did articulate a two state solution, it is also true that that is all he did. He put no pressure of any kind on Israel to accept that two state solution and even went as far as promising Ariel Sharon that he could hang on to illegal Israeli settlements in direct violation of international law.

But there have been fewer meetings between the Israelis and the Palestinians than at any time any of us can remember, so Bush's attempts at solving this dispute came down to articulating a two state solution but then doing bugger all to attempt to make that a reality.

He leaves office convinced that he did the right thing, that he is right and that the rest of us are wrong, that history will be kinder to him than we are.

But then, wasn't it that bizarre self belief, that refusal to counter the notion that he might be wrong and the rest of us might be right that got him into all this trouble in the first place?

One thing is certain, this shallow man leaves office having learnt nothing, because he was never there to learn. He believed God put him there and it was his job to listen to his gut.

But to listen to him attempt to defend the calamity which was his presidency, whilst utterly expected, is no less nauseous for that.

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