Monday, December 08, 2008

Rice pushes the "intelligence" theme.

As this bunch of liars slink out of office, a theme is emerging. The Iraq war was the fault of the intelligence community:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Is it fair -- is that a fair criticism of the Bush White House, particularly in the run-up to the war on Iraq? And could you have done a better job in airing dissenting views on the WMD?

RICE: Oh, we talked a lot about dissenting views. The idea that, somehow, within the Bush White House, there weren't dissenting views during this period of time is simply not true. But the intelligence didn't permit, frankly, much in the way of alternatives for the weapons of mass destruction.

This totally ignores the fact any intelligence which offered a contrary opinion was instantly dismissed by a group of people who were Hell bent on removing Saddam.

Now we are asked to believe that the people who wrote articles for years before the Iraq war calling for the removal of Saddam were somehow duped into doing what they always wanted to do by faulty intelligence.

That's an insult to all of our intelligence.


Ingrid said...

that is an out and out line lady Rice.. a blatant lie.. I wonder what the reaction within the 'intelligence' is to that. Cheney put his nose into intelligence meetings at the Pentagon and insisted that certain news and information was expected..
the 'intelligence' was to fit the desire to go to war and not the other way around...

Kel said...


The lying is so blatant now that I'm no longer sure they even believe this line they are spinning.

The notion that they didn't really want to go to war but were left with no choice because of what intelligence were telling them, ignores - as you say - Cheney's unprecedented visits to the Pentagon and Wolfowitz's comments to Vanity Fair that WMD was merely the rationale that they could all agree upon.

They had many reasons for wanting to go into Iraq, WMD simply gave them the argument they could use to sell this intervention to the public.