Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Karl Rove lamely attempts to defend Bush's approval ratings.

I'm still amazed that this asshole is thought of and spoken of as a political genius. Here (it starts at about 4.12) he seeks to defend Bush's abysmal popularity figures.

He starts by claiming that Bush "liberated" 25 million Iraqis and 25 million Afghans, a claim that requires one to look at what is taking place in both those countries and, instead of seeing carnage, pretend that one sees liberation.

He then claims that the US simply "tired" of the Republicans and that Bush brought some "bold changes" and that the country didn't like that.

The truth is that the Bush administration was an unmitigated disaster, possibly one of the worst ever and Rove was one of it's architects. They governed by ignoring public opinion - as if paying attention to what the public wanted in a democracy was a weakness - and pushing their extreme right wing agenda and watching as the American economy collapsed.

The end result has almost destroyed the Republican party as a brand and the infighting which is certain to follow their loss may leave them in the wilderness for years.

And yet Rove is still interviewed as if he is some kind of political genius and listened to with respect. I find that astonishing.

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