Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Joan Walsh smacks down Christopher Hitchens' Clinton hatred.

I loathe Christopher Hitchens almost as much as he seems to loathe the Clintons.

Here he is at his pompous and oafish best. He claims Obama is "lucky" that the Iraq government are now essentially calling for the very things that Obama campaigned on, when I would argue that Obama was way ahead of the pack and that the rest are simply catching up.

However, it is when he launches into his diatribe against the Clintons that a very calm Joan Walsh dismantles him.

Hitchens: "[Choosing Hillary Clinton] still divides us between those who think a job must be found for Hillary Clinton, that the country would somewhat be disgraced if she wasn't in an important position and those of us who could do without her."

Walsh: "But that second group is a very small group. It's a group of eccentric Clinton haters who have made a living out of trashing the Clinton. It's a small group. It's not an important group in American foreign or domestic policy."

Hitchens: "Which group are you talking about?"

Walsh: "The group of people who would rather see Hillary Slinton off the world stage. I don't think Barack Obama was thinking about that at all because that group of people are eccentric, they are devoted to looking at everything the Clintons do in the worst possible light, and hes trying to solve problems."
Hat tip to Crooks and Liars.


Will Conley said...

Good digs all around. I notice Matthews digs into Hitchens from the start too: "Why are you arguing about simple nomenclature?" Lovn it.

How you been, bro?

Kel said...

I am very well Will. Are you ready for Christmas in Yonkers?

Will Conley said...

Good to hear it, Kel. Christmas in Yonkers is going to be a bit Scrooge-y for me, I'm afraid. I'll be home working while my live-in ex is in California visiting the parents she doesn't want to visit.

Hmm. Yes, I will be acting like Scrooge. But I love Christmastime, in fact. How about you? Will you be seeing family?

Kel said...

Yes, I will spend the day visiting everyone. It's tiring but good fun!