Monday, December 01, 2008

Brothers at War.

The Iraq war, literally in some cases, set family member against family member. Here the Hitchens brothers have it out on Question Time.

Christopher has remained firmly of the belief that the Iraq war was a noble venture and brother Peter points out that the removing of Saddam as a reason to invade was actually invented after the WMD's turned out not to be there.

Christopher labels this "arrant nonsense" but he's the one who is talking nonsense. Blair did, indeed, offer Saddam the chance to remain in power if he would give up the WMD which he didn't have:

In a statement on Iraq in advance of today's full-scale Commons debate on the crisis, the Prime Minister admitted he "detested" Saddam's regime.

"But even now he can save it by complying with the UN's demand. Even now, we are prepared to go the extra step to achieve disarmament peacefully. I do not want war. I do not believe anyone in this House wants war. But disarmament peacefully can only happen with Saddam's active co-operation."

He's quite clearly stating that Saddam can save his regime if he gives up his fictional WMD. The removing of Saddam as a war aim was invented after the WMD failed to materialise.

Peter is right and Christopher is wrong.


Ingrid said...

you know..I have no clue who these Hitchens are! Of course, canning cable to ward off the evil Disney et al stations with their endless dumb ass marketing and shows I might add, comes at a cost. I probably have missed seeing them on some kind of news show..

oh well, at least I'm not being bombarded with demands of Disney/barbie/hannah montana/cheetah girl toys!!


Kel said...

You might not be expected to know Peter as he is very much a British commentator, but Christopher has made his name in America and appears a lot on Fox News.

He's one of those supposed leftists who threw everything he believed in out the window after 9-11 in a rush to support the war on terror.

Ingrid said...

Kel, even when we had cable, I NEVER watched Fox. I despise it with a passion..the blatant bias is too much for me. At least in the Netherlands, one knows what 'station' stands for what politically and religiously. Fox even claiming to be fair and unbiased is the biggest bull on the face of the hence..I've missed my Christopher Hitchens' 'acquaintance' [g]


Kel said...


I think avoiding Fox is a very sensible thing to do.