Saturday, November 29, 2008

MUMBAI TERROR ATTACK uncovered and detailed in special report by CNN IBN.

The most startling thing about the attacks in India is how highly organised they appear to be.

"It is a mode of attack that has fallen out of fashion," one source said, referring to the violent radical European and Palestinian groups active in the 1970s. "If you are going to be martyrs anyway, why not go in firing AK-47s?"

But there the similarity with former radical groups ended, counter-terrorist officials said. Intelligence sources pointed to the meticulous training the Mumbai attackers must have had - possibly in Kashmir - as well as the planning such an operation would have involved.

Their concerns were reflected yesterday by Bruce Hoffman, a terrorism expert and professor at Washington's Georgetown University. "The Mumbai operation was planned and premeditated and executed by terrorist teams functioning under a command and control apparatus that orchestrated their deployment and coordinated their assaults," he said.

The attacks demonstrated how a small number of well-trained terrorists could paralyse a city and stymie the local security forces.

India are making the usual noises about Pakistan, but that's almost a knee jerk response from them and deserves to be taken with a pinch of salt.

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