Saturday, November 01, 2008

CNN Sanchez Schools another Republican.

Ben Ferguson is simply the latest right wing loon to jump onto this bandwagon. It drives me bonkers to listen to him describe the policies of Rashid Khalidi as radical. Khalidi proposes a two state solution exactly as George Bush does, there is nothing radical at all about his position.

It really does appear that if one doesn't adopt Donald Rumsfeld's attitude and talk of "the "so called Occupied Territories" then as far as these guys are concerned you are "a radical." By this logic almost every other country in the world and the entire UN Security Council are "radical."

And the problem with guilt by association is that we can all play that game. Ben Ferguson is eager to point out that Hamas have apparently endorsed Obama. What would he have to say about an endorsement of McCain from al Qaeda? Would he give that equal weight?

And to watch him condemn Chavez whilst saying that he does not condemn the people of Venezuela - whilst he doesn't appear to see that criticising the policies of the government of Israel is not the same as disliking the Jewish people - is simply mind-boggling.

Ferguson comes across as inane.

As John Cleese puts it here, were Karl Rove working for the Democrats he could sell McCain's past like this: "This man, so-called hero, spent five and a half years of the most formative years of his life in a communist country, speaking only to Communists, he never had to pick up the tab, he got free accommodation, free food. Do we want someone as president who has been palling about with Communists? In other words, you can tell the truth but if you leave some things out you can really turn things on their head."

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