Saturday, October 18, 2008

Joe The "Unlicensed" Plumber.

Did McCain even vet Joe the plumber before he threw him into the middle of the election? And what made him think that a plumber makes $250,000 a year? Is this how out of touch McCain is with ordinary working people?

I've said it before, but McCain is running the worst campaign that I have ever seen.


Ingrid said...

well, on the other hand, 'us' blogger citizen journalists on the whole have been taking center stage in doing 'our job' in all that vetting... too bad there's no one to hand the bill to..
ps..McCain had to give a jab to Olbermann and for the sake of the election outcome..I sooo hope he can 'jab' him back (see roast) when (please please pretty please WHEN) McCain loses the election..


Kel said...


I loved the fact that McCain couldn't hide his hatred of Olbermann, even during a tongue in cheek dinner.

Olbermann must be landing punches very near to McCain's nerve ends!