Friday, September 12, 2008

McCain can't answer why Palin is on the ticket.

McCain has been avoiding giving press interviews for the best part of a month now and decided to answer questions from Rob Caldwell, a reporter for WCHS. Perhaps McCain felt he would be safe talking to a regional as opposed to a national reporter; he was wrong.

Q: Let 's move on to what you say is the number one issue facing the United States in our time. And that is the challenge of addressing Islamist extremism. What credentials does Gov. Palin have -- in national security, diplomacy, foreign policy -- that qualify her to be your partner in that, on that issue: the fight against Islamic extremism?

McCain: Well, obviously the economy is also a major challenge facing America.

Q: No, I'm using your words, Senator McCain, you have said, this summer...

McCain: No, I said...

Q: That the number one challenge of our time is Islamic extremism...

McCain: No, I said the greatest challenge of our time is national security threats. I've also said that jobs and the economy are the number one issue facing America.
It would take a sharper brain than mine to work out the difference between "the number one challenge" and "the number one issue", so I'm not even going to try.

This is what McCain said during the third GOP Debate. After defining the importance of preserving the American family, he stated:
McCain: And second, take the lead in fighting this transcendent issue of our time: the battle and struggle against radical Islamic extremism.
So that Islamic extremism thing really is quite important, even if it's not the first thing on your list, so how's she gonna help out with that?
McCain: Energy. She knows more about energy than probably anybody else in the Unites States. She is governor of a state [pause] that 20 percent of America's energy supply comes from there.
Leaving aside the fact that Alaska is not responsible for producing 20% of America's energy supply, what is the linkage he seeks to make between energy and the defeat of radical Islamic extremism? There is simply no link between the two at all.

And I note that McCain has issued yet another of his disgraceful ads, this time stating that Barak Obama has been "disrespectful" - I kid you not, that is the charge - towards Sarah Palin.

They are trying to establish a theme before the public get to know Palin, to insinuate that anything bad which comes out about her is somehow a nasty, sexist plot from the loser Democrats.

This theme has already been punted by Rick Davis who insisted that Palin would not agree to be interviewed "until the point in time when she'll be treated with respect and deference."

They are demanding that the press throw her softball questions, whilst insisting that she is ready to be commander in chief at a moment's notice because she understands "Energy".

After watching Palin's performance last night - and McCain's performance here - I can see why both are reticent to subject themselves to scrutiny. They only really work in front of crowds of Republican supporters where their lies are applauded as if they are the truth.

Put them in front of an actual reporter and they start talking rubbish. She doesn't know what Bush's Doctrine is and he thinks knowledge of energy can help defeat radical Islamic extremism.

But they are already preparing to defend Palin with the defence of, "They're picking on her!"

Which is odd, as she herself is on record opposing such tactics.

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