Thursday, September 11, 2008

McCain Campaign Lies About Lies.

First CBS ask that a McCain ad be taken down as it is "misleading"; and now, the very people that the McCain campaign quote in their latest advert attacking Obama, have called McCain's use of their quote, "less than honest".

We don't object to people reprinting our articles. In fact, our copyright policy encourages it. But we've also asked that "the editorial integrity of the article be preserved" and told those who use our items that "you should not edit the original in such a way as to alter the message."

With its latest ad, released Sept. 10, the McCain-Palin campaign has altered our message in a fashion we consider less than honest. The ad strives to convey the message that said "completely false" attacks on Gov. Sarah Palin had come from Sen. Barack Obama. We said no such thing. We have yet to dispute any claim from the Obama campaign about Palin.

They call the ad "Fact Check." It says "the attacks on Gov. Palin have been called 'completely false' ... 'misleading.' " On screen is a still photo of a grim-faced Obama. Our words are accurately quoted, but they had nothing to do with Obama.

The ad also quotes the Wall Street Journal as saying that the Obama campaign "air-dropped a mini-army of 30 lawyers, investigators and opposition researchers to dig dirt on Governor Palin." That's also a distortion. The Wall Street Journal opinion article did not say that the Obama team was there to "dig dirt." It said they were there do "dig into her record and background." Maybe the McCain-Palin campaign knows something we don't about what's in Palin's record and background.
It should also be pointed out that, since printed this article, the Obama campaign have contacted them to state that no-one from the Obama campaign has been sent to Alaska. This, too, is a lie.

It's now becoming impossible surely, even for the MSM, to deny that the McCain campaign are now lying about lies.

Shamelessly and, apparently, without fear that the MSM will ever pull them up on this.

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