Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's not socialism if you are bailing out the rich.

The hypocrisy of right wingers on this subject is so blatant that one doesn't even have to point it out. It's just sitting there like a big fat turd.

Bailouts for the rich is fine, an adjustment if you will. The taxpayers who have seen their income go down under the Bush administration should put their hands into their pockets to bail out the rich, according to Kudlow.

But, if that same government intervened to provide the population with a free health system, Kudlow would no doubt scream about the evils of socialism.

These people are simply despicable hypocrites.


Alex Fear said...

This is what they call "socialism for the rich".

They don't want government interference until they run into problems.

I didn't agree with everything the Sentamu and Williams said in their speeches today but they had one thing right in measuring the cost of child poverty against the costs of these bail-outs.

The UK government should also be ashamed. We're basically telling these morally seared, greedy individuals to do whatever they like in the name of profit- they have the governments backing.

Kel said...

I agree Alex. Don't get me wrong, I see no advantage in allowing the American financial system to collapse and agree that something has to be done. But it gets my goat up to think that these same people who view a national health system as socialist - and therefore intrinsically bad - have no hesitation at all when asking for $700 billion because their greed led them to gamble and lose.

And to listen to Kudlow talk of this enormous amount of money as "an adjustment" is enough to make you puke.