Sunday, September 14, 2008

Even Rove Says McCain Is Lying.

It really is saying something when even Karl Rove, the liar behind the "McCain has a bastard child" rumour, has to admit - publicly - that McCain has gone too far.

Oh sure, he thinks it's only "a step too far" but, the very fact that McCain has woken the press into actually committing acts of journalism, tells the rest of us that McCain has been lying so much that it's become impossible to hide his lies behind any form of rhetoric. And the fact that Palin has kept lying, even after she has been called on it, certainly hasn't helped.

And now, even Rove admits as much. That, alone, tells you how bad it's become.


Maggie Knowles said...

See the Celtic Diva blog, she's from Alaska and was a delegate at the DNC.

Republican Trickery At Its Worst -- The False Surrender

Kel said...


Thanks for that. I read the post and thought it made great sense. It's typical Rovian bullshit at play as usual.