Monday, October 18, 2010

Voter Amnesia.

I can understand that some people might be disappointed that Obama has not done more, and that some may hate what he has done, especially with his healthcare reforms.

But I still find myself puzzled when I read things like this.

An Associated Press poll published today showed a quarter of those surveyed who had backed Obama in the 2008 White House election were considering voting Republican.
What alternatives have the Republicans offered over the past two years which would make anyone seriously consider voting for them? Their only policy has been to say no to everything which Obama has proposed, and, when they have got specific on policy, it has mostly been to sustain tax breaks for the rich.

[Obama] attacked the Republicans for exploiting the economic crisis, counting on voters "forgetting who caused the mess in the first place." He had been trying to solve the economic mess, but "it doesn't happen as quick as we want".

If the Republicans are hoping that voter amnesia might help them come November, the depressing news from this poll suggests that this tactic might just be working for them.

They are preaching essentially the same nonsense they were spouting two years ago, and yet 25% of voters are considering giving them another chance? That makes no sense to me.

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