Saturday, October 09, 2010

Sarah Palin speaks to electability issue.

It would appear that Sarah Palin is, at the very least, considering how to sell herself for a presidential bid, as she has been reminding the gentle people at Newsmax that Ronald Reagan was once considered too right wing to be elected.

Speaking to a group of well-connected Republicans at a private dinner in Florida this week, Sarah Palin implicitly addressed questions about her own electability by noting that critics also said Ronald Reagan couldn’t win in 1980, three attendees told POLITICO.

Palin, at an event organized by the conservative magazine Newsmax, told the right-wing crowd that those who don’t have the same convictions will always say a true conservative can’t win.

Pointing out that the knock on Reagan was that he was also too far to the right, the former Alaska governor repeatedly invoked the 40th president and conservative icon, at one point citing the quotation he was most fond of: that America is a “shining city on a hill.”

“I think she sees herself as heir to Reagan,” said one attendee.
Why would she even have constructed that defence in her head if she wasn't, at the very least, considering a run?

And, even accepting that this was a really right wing setting, this was an eye opener:
“I was surprised about how many people in room said ‘yes’ when I asked if they could see themselves supporting her,” said one attendee. “I was expecting to hear what you mostly hear — ‘I hope she doesn’t do it’ or, ‘She’s more effective doing what she’s doing.’”
The right wing of that party are seriously open to her running. The lemmings are prepared to follow her right off that cliff.

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