Tuesday, October 26, 2010

RNC Chair Steele Claims That Republicans Tried to Cooperate With President Obama.

Michael Steele makes the pathetic claim that the Republicans - The Party of No - did not attempt to obstruct the Obama administration, and that they really, really, wanted to co-operate with the regime.

Is there anyone, anywhere, dumb enough to swallow that argument?

Yeah, sure Micheal. That's why the GOP decided they liked the health care bill when it was Bob Dole's idea, or something akin to Romney-care, but once a Democrat put it out there for a vote, suddenly it was "Socialism" and the Republicans all voted against it. Spare me.
They have spent the last two years obstructing Obama at every turn. To attempt to argue the opposite now is simply pathetic.


daveawayfromhome said...

That makes a certain amount of "sense", when you consider that the Republican idea of cooperation is to say, "I'll join you, but only after you give me everything I want".
This extends not only to their relations with the Opposition, but into foreign and domestic policy as well.

Kel said...

Yes, co-operation is when you pretend that you haven't won and start introducing Republican policies.

Mo Rage said...

"If you repeat a lie often enough..."

Mo Rage said...

Oh and to attempt to argue now that they haven't, in fact, "spent the last two years obstructing Obama at every turn" isn't just "simply pathetic". It's another of many bold-faced lies and contemptible, at least.