Monday, October 04, 2010

Milbank: Beck is "Dangerous" and encouraging the fringe.

Dana Milbank sees Glenn Beck as "one of the great opportunists in our culture" who "sees where things are going" and then "reinvents himself to get out in front of that and lead the parade."

He then discusses the myriad of ways in which Beck has changed his stances over the years.

"We know that a dozen years ago he was pro-choice, pro-abortion rights and was wearing a pony tail. We know that, when George W. Bush was president, he came out in favour of the Tarp bailout for banks. And now rails against it. So, we do know that he has changed his views at various times, it's very difficult to know what he believes."

He then talks of the way Beck peddles conspiracy theories and mentions the Nazis an inordinate number of times.

And he concludes that Beck is "dangerous."

But his point about Beck as an opportunist is the one which most resonates with me. He's not terribly bright, he really doesn't understand a lot of what he is talking about, but he is good at feeding red meat to a certain kind of deranged ultra right wing conservative.

And, if any of them took the time to look at his own record, they would find that he used to support the very things which he now claims to despise.

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