Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Epic fail.

I came across this this morning. It's one of the greatest examples of the kind of cognitive dissonance routinely practised by the American right wing.

Craig T. Nelson: We are a capitalistic society. Okay, I go into business, I don't make it, I go bankrupt. They are not going to bail me out. I have been on food stamps and welfare. Did anybody bail me out? No.
That's hysterical.


Steel Phoenix said...

At least he's just some actor and doesn't have launch codes or anything. This quote is now up on his rather short wikipedia page, along with his pledge to no longer pay his taxes. i now understand why so many conservatives thought Colbert was for real. This sounded just like one of his lines.

Kel said...

Like yourself, SP, I find it impossible to distinguish between Colbert and real conservatives.

He has his tongue in his cheek, they are simply insane. But they do sound the same.