Friday, October 15, 2010

Bill O'Reilly inspires walkout on The View: 'Muslims killed us on 9/11'.

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar walk off the set after Bill O'Reilly states that "Muslims killed us on 9/11!"

I found what they did embarrassing. Surely they are able to remain in their position and argue with a bigot like O'Reilly?

They return after O'Reilly states, "if anyone felt that I was demeaning all Muslims, I apologize."

O'Reilly seems not to get that, by opposing the Park 51 mosque, he is already conflating all Muslims together and saying that, because of the actions of a few Muslim extremists, no Muslim should have the right to worship anywhere near the 9-11 area.

O'Reilly mounts a silly defence of his position.

O'Reilly: As I say on The Factor tonight, when we're talking about WWII, do we say we were attacked by Japanese extremists? No, we talk about the Japanese attacked us.
The Japanese did attack the US, it was the action of a sovereign state, not the action of a few Japanese extremists. O'Reilly appears not to understand this distinction.


Steel Phoenix said...

Ha! You can't walk out on your own show! I guess The View has to pull this kind of crap in order to maintain their coveted daytime timeslot.

Were it my show, I'd make sure O'Reilly's mike had a kill button. Poetic justice is the most sweet.

Kel said...

Ha! You can't walk out on your own show!

That sums it up in a nut shell, SP. I've never seen anyone walk off their OWN show.