Saturday, September 04, 2010

Tony Blair pelted with eggs at book signing in Dublin.

This is the reception Blair can expect as he tours the country promoting his new book.

Eggs, bottles and shoes have been thrown at the former prime minister Tony Blair as he attended a book signing in Dublin.

It happened as he arrived at Easons on O'Connell Street in the city to sign copies of his autobiography.

The missiles, which were thrown by anti-war protesters, did not hit Mr Blair.

Four people were arrested as activists clashed with Irish police at a security barrier outside the bookshop.

Around 200 protesters demonstrated at Mr Blair's role in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on one side of the street on Saturday morning.
Of course, none of this will have any effect on Blair at all. He says he used to try to please people too much but learned to float above their concerns.

Nothing will ever get through to that man now.

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