Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Tony Blair book launch party cancelled.

Nick Ferrari and James O'Brien over at LBC are furious that Blair has been forced to cancel his latest book signing launch out of fear that there will be protests at the event.

A party to mark the launch of Tony Blair's new book tonight, which would have attracted protests from anti-war campaigners, has been called off, it was revealed today.

Guests invited to the event, at the Tate Modern museum in Central London, have been told that it has been postponed, said a spokeswoman for the book's publishers, Random House.

It is the second time the former prime minister has called off an event after he cancelled a signing session of his memoir, due to be held at the Waterstone's book store in London's Piccadilly today.

After cancelling the book signing the ex-premier said he did not want to subject the public to the "inevitable hassle" protests would cause or use up police resources keeping order at the event.

Campaigners against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had planned to demonstrate outside Tate Modern and criticised the museum for allowing the party to be held there.

Eggs and shoes were hurled by protesters and one attempted to make a citizen's arrest when Mr Blair signed copies of the book, A Journey, in Dublin last weekend.

O'Brien has gone as far as to say that Blair should be allowed to have his party "unmolested" and has suggested that it is "fascist" for Blair to have been forced to cancel this book signing.

Firstly, no-one forced Blair to cancel his book signing, he cancelled it himself. And, yes, he did so because he doesn't want to be pelted with eggs and shoes. I can understand why he might wish to avoid such a public embarrassment. But it is the job of the police to prevent criminal acts from taking place or to arrest those who throw the eggs.

But why do Ferarri and O'Brien see Blair being hit by an egg as the country collapsing into "fascism", and yet the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis was something which could be written off as collateral damage?

These guys seriously need to get some perspective.

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Vigilante said...

They'll never get the message. But they should still get the shoes.

Kel said...

I don't get their reaction. We were even told today that the "war is over", as if that negates the crime which Blair committed.

We should put it all behind us apparently.

Vigilante said...

"Forgive and forget".

Kel said...

Yeah, let's see if the dead forgive them... or the relatives of the dead.