Monday, September 06, 2010

Plouffe: Limbaugh, Beck, Palin are "the leaders" of the Republican Party "and this is a problem for" the GOP.

Plouffe rightly states that Limbaugh, Beck and Palin are the heart and soul of the current Republican party and no-one can hope to get elected to lead that party without appealing to this lunatic movement.

I said shortly after the election of Obama that I thought the Republicans were in a very similar position to the British Labour party after the election of Thatcher in 1979. Many on the left argued that the reason we had lost was because we were not left wing enough.

That exact same argument is now being made amongst the Tea Party lunatics, who are claiming that they are restoring "conservative values" to the party. In other words, they think they lost to Obama because they were not conservative enough. It's insanity, but that's where the Republican party now find themselves.

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