Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Karl Rove: "Not impressed" with O'Donnell.

The schisms in the Republican party come into sharp focus here as Karl Rove and Sean Hannity disagree over O’Donnell, with Rove going as far as to say that he is "not impressed" with her.

Now, of course, Fox News have practically adopted the Tea Party movement, so Hannity's defence of her is to be expected. But it is Rove and Hannity openly disagreeing which shows the split in the Republican movement which Rove is worried about. Rove thinks that O'Donnell has not been properly vetted and that she will lose come November.

Hannity's defence is that "she is a solid Conservative". That actually means that she is a loon. But, when you are too extreme for even Karl Rove, then the Republicans really have jumped the shark.

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