Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hannity solicits Rand Paul's advice for Christine O'Donnell on how to handle the "got you" media.

Fox News are now officially endorsing the Christine O'Donnell/Sarah Palin/Sharron Angle/Rand Paul campaign policy of only talking to Fox News and no-one else.

It's a tacit admission that their candidates are not sufficiently equipped to have their views properly examined, but, as always, Fox have found a way to blame this on "the Liberal media".


Steel Phoenix said...

It's hard to find a conservative these days who can handle an honest debate.

Unfortunately it's just as hard to find a forum for an honest debate. We do have a gotcha media (Hannity included). If they can find something trivial but even mildly shocking, that is where the discussion will focus. It's become a form of censorship. The list of topics that you really can't even speak of publicly if you intend to hold office grows daily.

That said, these people have all gone to FOX with their tails between their legs. Conservatives shouldn't stand for it. There's a difference between avoiding hostile media, and only going on friendly media. If your candidate can't stand in the spotlight unburned, you need to ask why.

I think Rand still has some potential. He is the only one in this group who doesn't embrace ignorance as a virtue. His dad isn't afraid of any of these people. McCain also managed to survive the toughest of talk shows, as did Obama. It can be done.

Kel said...

I think it shocking that these people seek high office whilst refusing to have their views tested in all quarters. As you say, Obama and McCain have proven that it can be done.