Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Beck says he is leading "Third Great American Awakening".

Beck's ego literally knows no bounds as he today places himself at the head of "The third great American awakening" after the Revolution and the end of slavery.

Clive Crook summed him up rather well the other day:

Beck sets himself up not as a spokesman so much as an inspirational teacher and guide, blackboard and all. There he stands, with the answer to everything, gravely propounding his theories of life, the universe and everything that surrounds it. Wrapped up in his own psychodrama, his self-regard seems limitless.

He strikes me as a huckster drunk on his own pitch, a true believer in his own cult, ready to hurtle off the rails at any moment.
Only a supreme egotist like Beck could imagine that his rally, a rally strangely without any political purpose, could be as important as the American revolution and the abolition of slavery.

It's a ridiculous claim from a ridiculous man.

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