Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Why does Carl Cameron act surprised?

Carl Cameron expresses surprise when Sharron Angle admits that she will only talk to Fox News and right wing radio shows because she wanted the press "to ask the questions we want to answer so they report the news the way we want it reported."

Cameron looks astonished, stating, "That sounds naive."

But Cameron is ignoring the fact that this was essentially the way Sarah Palin behaved during the last election and that the press did not really call her on it.

Indeed, especially since that election, Palin twitters and the press breathlessly report what she is saying, apparently not realising that she has removed from them the right to answer any follow up questions. And, when she is interviewed, she is only ever interviewed by Fox where she knows the hosts will treat her with kid gloves and, where possible, hide her ignorance.

So Angle is not the first extreme right winger to realise that their views are unpalatable anywhere other than on the Fox News network. The only real surprise here is that Carl Cameron appears not to have worked out the game.

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